Monday, December 21, 2009

Room Transformation, the Beginning.

The room "before" I had already painted one of the nightstands, but am still not sure I like white. I'd like to do a fun color for those.... I wanted the bedding to match the lights a little better, without feeling too feminine

In progress... I got new fabric to make a headboard. (just draped over the exisiting long pillow) Made new shams, and covered the small pillow in a brown plaid fabric. The duvet cover will have to get switched out, for now I just took off the cover I had. The new quilt at the foot of the bed is a cream colored afgan that my grandma made.

Now, I would really like to paint the room a different color... I didn't get the right color when I started. Different artwork over the bed, and headboard made. And, nightstands painted.