Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Headboard Project


Hi Folks! So, I couldn't decide on a headboard fabric, so I did an off-white one that goes with what I currently have, and when I decide on a new direction I'll be able to make a quick slipcover to match whatever I come up with!
I started with plywood, foam and cotton batting (pink foam is shown) Once I got that all in place I wrapped the white top fabric and stapled it tightly over the edges. I drilled holes where I wanted the tufts, and sewed buttons through with tough nylon thread (one has popped already, use good buttons, so they don't snap in half! I mounted the headboard with a french cleat, it hangs on the wall kind of like headboards in some hotels.

Overall, I'm happy. It's definitely better than my jimmy-rigged headboard that I had before (it kept slipping down behind the bed) I don't like that all my tufts aren't equally tight, and gives the headboard a slightly irregular look. Oh well, first try right?!

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Kathleen said...

Good lord, woman, you are SO talented. It's beautiful!!!